Last Update : 5 April 2016

Farmers Motivation

To materialize the goals and objectives of DLDP, the program has the major activity to motivate the farmers to rear hybrid milking cow and form a group for sustainable business. For this purpose, DLDP initially carried out a survey among the farmers and conduct Focused Group Discussion (FGD) to select potential group members. Regular and routine discussions, and motivational sessions with the interested farmers’ allow DLDP to form a group SADA DAL (White Group) by themselves. As on July 31, 2017 a total of 79 Milk Producers’ SADA DAL has been organized with1892 farmer-members with men and women. The members are having a total of 3800 domestic animals including 1,280 dairy cows producing nearly 4,400 liters milk in a day. As a part of Sada Dal activity, so far Tk. 29,43,870.00 has been generated as saving deposits of the individual farmer-member. The updated statistics are presented below:

DLDP project envisages the unique pattern

DLDP aiming at integrating the country’s milk production increase through upgraded cattle keeping practices in hygienic ways and to support direct consumers along with industrial utilization. Milk being produced by some of the members at present around Chandina area are being marketed to MDFL for processing of quality Matri Bhumi Sweetmeat with future plan of supporting the Dairy Plant which is underway by the Matribhumi Dairy Foods Limited (MDFL). The dairy plant will process the milk products through up-to-date technology to cater national & global market demand of quality dairy products like varieties of milk, butter/ghee, yoghurt, sweet meat etc. under the brand name of Matri Bhumi.

In addition to creating income generating scopes for both male and female, at milk production, processing’ and marketing areas, the project is to adhere social and community responsibilities globally.

In fact, the organization aims at developing and collection of rural produce for processing and marketing in the designated areas. In the process, it will guarantee fair price for the farmer-producers in one hand and on the other will cater market demand through the high-quality processed milk/dairy-products. Furthermore, the organization will aid significantly in exporting of the surplus production to the foreign countries thereby earn foreign currencies for the nation.

Designed Economic Cycle