Last Update : 5 April 2016

Background of the Project

Being an agricultural country, Bangladesh is blessed with different domestic animals and as a result cattle-keeping practices are in abundance in the country. One can hardly find any rural house not having at-least a single cattle-wealth. Farmers’ keep cow, goat and buffalo among others, not only for meat purposes but also for a healthy and nutritious dietary supply source - milk. But quantity of milk yielding by local breed of cattle is very poor. Even though few areas of the country like Munshiganj, Serajganj and Pabna are famous for cattle rearing activities and thereby producing surplus quantity of milk. The farmers of these areas maintain a number of improved varieties of cattle in their herds.

There are some other areas too at present producing higher quantity of milk by practicing cattle-keeping with improved variety and also there are some offshore areas producing buffalo milk. But due to the lack of access to the proper marketing channel those are not appropriately contributing in the national grid of milk supply. As a result, the total productions of milk in the country do not cater the demand compelling huge investment of foreign currency for milk and milk products import.

Development Initiative for Social Advancement (DISA), a non-government development organization, reviewing the situation of inadequate milk production and the protein source - meat, established a dairy (farm) farm in 2012 at Poyalgachha village of Barura Upazila under Comilla district. The purpose of this initiative was to create awareness among the villagers about maintaining of hybrid cow (maintenance) and thereby producing large quantity of milk for their economic benefit. In the process, Milk producing farmers’ of the area were organized simultaneously under the fold of ‘Sada Dal’ (White Group) to materialize the spirit with sustainability.

DISA further initiated the “Dairy and Livestock Development Program (DLDP)”, in 2013, with the plan of cattle and dairy development in the area for economic growth of the members of Sada Dal (White Group) and to contribute in the national economy.

The significant purposes of ‘Dairy and Livestock Program- DLDP’ are :

  • Utilization of livestock sector
  • Developing the standard of living of (the village) rural people
  • Enlarging the creativity exposure of general mass
  • Establish the social rights & welfare in the community
  • Increase in the income of the poor families through diversifying income-generating opportunities for both male and female.
DISA is exerting all out efforts for successful operation of DLDP activities for greater financial interest of the community.