Last Update : 26 April 2018

Cattle Treatment & Breeding

To reduce the death risk of cattle and execute proper fattening of cows, DLDP (with association of DISA) provides veterinary support in the way of preventive and curative treatment, for the cattle of Sada Dal members. DLDP operates the activities through its Livestock Officer regularly on routine visits and attending the emergency call(s). In the process treatments are done with proper care maintaining time schedule. Treatment camps are also arranged at the vicinity of farmer-members in routine and planned perspectives. The treatments are prescribed free of costs.

Beside treatment the Livestock Officers suggests for better cattle keeping process, balance feed practices, proper cattle fattening measures and other relevant issues. Prompt and Proper communication are done through telephone calls also.

DLDP provides training about animal rearing and primary treatment for all of the managers and field officers. It helps attending sick cattle instantly by them and making appropriate communication to the veterinarian by those who are trained and living nearer to the farmers’ houses.

Treatments provided by DLDP for the VO members’ cows are reflected in the table below:

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination (AI) has become one of the most important techniques ever devised for the genetic improvement of farm animals. It has been most widely used for breeding dairy cattle and has made bulls of high genetic merit available to all. Considering the issue of low yielding by the local breed, DLDP has initiated the AI programme to upgrade the cattle of Sada Dal members just a couple of month ego and so far from October 2015 to April 30, 2016 total 486 nos. AI has been done.