Last Update : 5 April 2016

Future Plan

Pragmatic future plans to strengthen the program activities and the performance of Sada Dal have been outlined which includes the following among others:

  • Milk Collection Network: Milk collection network to be intensified through Sada Dal initiating collection from several member units.
  • Milk Product Development: Processing started for Milk products like– Doi, Rasmalai, Spanj Rosgolla, Rosgolla, Chamcham, Chhanamukhi, Creamjam, Chhana Sandesh, Baby sweet, Rajbhog, Badsha-bhog, Kalojam etc., ventilating further expansion scope.
  • Marketing of Existing Milk Products: Sale & Display Centers (02) opened at – Chandina Purbo Bazar, Chandina, Comilla and at Comilla cantonment market areas to market milk products presently being produced with the plan of adding some new outlets.
  • Dairy Plant: A dairy plant is under the process of establishment to add linkage of processing and marketing of milk produced by farmers’ cattle.
  • Dairy Campus: Establishment of Dairy Campus for farmers’ education, training and motivation to the dairy cattle keeping & management practices
  • Networking with Development Partners: The spirit of networking with the national and international development partners will further be expanded and maintained.
  • Network with USAID: Project functional discussion with USAID initiated on 16th April, 2015 and accordingly two members from DLDP Project have participated in the staff training program scheduled from 17th August to 25th August 2015 on Improved Forage Production for Increased Livestock Production.