Last Update : 5 April 2016

Change of Aspiration in Mahmuda's Life

Mahmuda Akhrar, an active Sada Dal member of DISA Dairy and Livestock Development Program (DLDP) with shy-smile on her face disclosed, I am happy since the cattle rearing activities in our family life has dictated us changing the aspiration towards a successful economic future against the poverty-striken days. Married to Mr. Yakub Ali Sarker, a farmer and having 02 sons and 01 daughter, Mahmuda was submerged in frustation with the little income of her husband by harvesting a very small piece of land and a rural trading shop. She exclaimed, the income was insignificant for feeding the family and there was no support to send my children to go to school. But now, she added, my involvement with the activities of cattle rearing program initiated by the DLDP has brought a change.

Mahmuda, residing in the village Kharataiya, under the post office – Kharattaiya-Gazipur of Comilla district, associated herself with the Sada Dal in 2014 and started cattle keeping practices with her limited resources & loan of total Tk.15,000.00 through the active support, advice and updated cattle rearing technique offered by DLDP. She maintained the male cattle with sincere efforts and utmost care for development targetting sell during Eid festival. After 05 months she sold the cattle during the festival time with Tk.55,000.00. This was her first intiative which has helped her to have a capital in hand after paying off the loans.

This is the begining, Mahmuda opined and further narrated that, now I know the technique and understand the potentility of cattle keeping practices with the support of the DISA DLDP. She added, now my children go to scool and there is a change in our family life-style.