Last Update : 5 April 2016

Jahangir Alam - Face of Confident Cattle Keeping Farmer

Living in a remote village Srimantapur (Madhyapara), Chandina, Jahangir Alam was associated with the agriculture crop growing earlier with his father Haji Md. Mohar Ali thereby maintaining family with manageable means. They had one low breed cow with two calves. Milk yielded by the cow was very little for home consumption with no surplus to sell for income generation. Jahangir got married and blessed with one son and one but had no additional income to support a happy life.

In the year 2013, Jahangir Alam came to know about the DISA DLDP’s efforts on expanding cattle keeping practices by the farmers with better breed and modern hygienic method development through the organization‘s Sada Dal. After reviewing the overall situation he became a member of Sada Dal of the area in October 2013 with the determination of increasing income of the family and thereby fulfill family dreams.

He patiently followed the advices of the extension workers of DLDP and maintained all the directions on healthy cattle keeping practices as suggested by the Veterinary Doctor of the organization.

Now he is a happy man, having 03 numbers of cow and 04 heifer totalling 07, worth market price of Taka 500,000 – 600,000. Geting 10 literes of surplus milk to sale even after family consumption of adequate quantity. Monthly income of Jahangir Alam in average is Tk. 20,000.00 from the cattle keeping sources which is addition to little income from agriculture. His son is now studying Diploma Engineering & daughter is going to the school.

Jahangir Alam expresses his views with satisfaction that, the program of cattle keeping practices as being maintained by DISA DLDP have made me confident to undertake the efforts for our economic growth.